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Long Island Strong

Island Strong was created to celebrate all the great aspects of living on Long Island. The incredible entrepreneurial spirit possessed by our small business owners. The unrelenting drive and focus of our athletes, artists, local heroes and the spectacular landscapes we take for granted every day from Manhattan to Montauk. We love where we live and we owe everything we have to the Long Islanders before us. Your Island Strong community will ensure future generations enjoy an even greater experience.

 We began this brand in 2015 with the original Island Strong Logo. The response was so great that we expanded to multiple designs like the "Long Island Mermaid", "Peace Love Long Island", the "Parkway" logo and many others. The next step in our journey is LOCAL; an edgier design represented by Locals from all walks of life. 

Our mission continues to be one of social entrepreneurship. Where a portion of every venture we take gives back to the community in the form of donations and exposure. Anytime you as a supporter of Island Strong purchase any of our products or collaborative efforts with other businesses are in turn giving back to your community. So we thank you for believing and supporting our mission to strengthen our communities and local businesses.

Support Local and Stay Strong.

Blue Nose Studios filmed a Q & A for us. Watching these videos may give you a good idea on who we are and what we're about.



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