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McAllister County Park - Pirates Cove

05/14/20 • Scott Langenbach


McAllister County Park

LI Hike Rating: Easy (if you’re just taking a stroll on the beach but it is rocky)

                            Moderate (if you hike up and around on the sand dunes) 

Distance: Varies

Cost: Free

Description: McAllister County Park also known as “Pirates Cove” is a hidden treasure. The Cove is located in Port Jefferson in the village of Belle Terre. On the left side of the beach upon entrance you will find views of the town of Port Jefferson along with the Port Jeff Ferry if one happens to be in port. To the right side you will enter the “Pirates Cove” which provides stunning elevated sand dune views sitting above the water. If you decide to trek up the dunes to the top, you will get a bird’s eye view of the entire cove. This is where the true treasure can be found! This spot is perfect for biking, hiking, or simply relaxing. Dogs are permitted on leashes. There is limited parking at the entrance and no parking is permitted along the side streets of Belle Terre. This place truly has some of the best views LI HIKE has ever seen, and also check out the restaurants and shops in the town while in the area!