Q*  What Is Island Strong?

A*   Your Guide to loving Long Island. We make clothing for the Long Islander " because that's who we are and that's who we care about. "


Q*   How do I get involved with Island Strong?

A*    You already are! If you follow us on social media or have bought our merchandise, consider yourself Island Strong. If you are looking to be involved in our events or want to become part of the team, shoot us an email and we'll let you know what we have coming up.


Q*   I am a business/charity. How can we work together? 

A*   As long as you're from Long Island use the contact form on our website and someone from our team will get back to you about collaborating.


Q*  Where can I buy Island Strong merchandise?

A*   Right here on this site and currently at select stores throughout the island. Use the contact form and we can direct you to the closest.


Q*  What Long Island Charities are you currently working with?

A*   Good Question. We change our charities a few times a year but some merchandise will always go to a certain organization. IE: A portion of Loyal to the Soil merch. will always go to Peconic Land Trust. For any info, look at the item description or contact us.


Q*   What is your return policy?

A*   We will refund/exchange unworn merchandise within 30 days of Shipment minus the cost of shipping. Contact us for more information on return policy or click the link during checkout


Q*   What are your hours of operation?




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