Long Island Charities


Island Strong firmly believes in assisting and spreading awareness for Long Island Charities. For every piece of Island Strong merchandise sold a portion goes to one of the incredible organizations below. 

We are always looking for new charities to promote so if you are part of or passionate about one on Long Island please let us know through the website contact form.


Island Harvest

Island Harvest

Island Harvest has become Long Island’s largest hunger relief organization. Volunteers and staff now deliver millions of pounds of good, surplus food – much of which might otherwise go to waste – to a network of 570 Long Island-based food pantries, soup kitchens and other non-profit organization that offer feeding services for those in need. 

Since inception, they have delivered 71 million pounds of food, supplementing close to 66 million meals.


Every Holiday season ( November through January) Island Strong directs a portion of all our branded merchandise to Island Harvest.



Peconic Land Trust

Peconic Land Trust


Since 1983, the Trust has worked diligently with landowners, communities, municipalities, and partner organizations to protect nearly 12,000 acres of land, conserving more working farms on Long Island than any other private conservation organization, and securing millions of dollars from the public and private sector for land protection.


The Trust’s important work benefits the people and communities of Long Island by helping to protect our area’s scenic beauty and rural heritage. The Trust’s work to conserve these natural resources will have significant impact for generations to come:

  • Working farms: provide fresh, local produce
  • Natural lands and wildlife habitats: provide bio-diversity
  • Wetlands and bays: provide clean and productive water resources
  • Watersheds: provide critical drinking water supplies
  • Walking trails: provide recreational opportunities

In addition to land protection, PLT knows the importance of stewardship. Trust staff members employ innovative techniques to help farmers, landowners, and municipalities maintain the natural resources of Long Island.


A portion of Island Strong's " Loyal To The Soil " merchandise goes toward this inspirational Long Island organization.



Boots On The Ground NY

Boots on the Ground NY

Boots on the Ground NY is a team of Veterans that care about Americas Veterans. We’re grunts, we collect and deliver food and furniture for Veterans and their families, and these are usually the Veterans that everyone else overlooked or has forgotten. No Veteran should be hungry or sleeping on the floor. They ship care packages monthly to the military units that don’t have access to supplies. They provide what they can to those that need it most. They open up their doors and hearts to any Veteran that needs it. Veterans are not just a last name and case number to them, they build and maintain friendships. They're there for the families of the deployed. They’re here for the families of those taken in the Service of their Country. These are commitments they do not take lightly.

Boots on the Ground NY – Leaving No Veteran Behind!!

Our focus is accomplishing a better awareness of the daily struggles that a Veteran faces every day. Unconnected, PTSD, Homelessness, Service-connected-disabled, TBI, Agent Orange, POW-MIA, Service related sickness, Burn pits, Unemployment upon return from deployment; these are just some of the issues.

 A priority of BOTG-NY is not letting Our Veterans that reside & live in Hospitals be forgotten. They schedule trips to Northport VA Hospital regularly. During these visits we deliver supplies as well as friendship while bringing a lunch or dinner, this gives them the chance to sit with the Veterans and get to know them.

They have assisted with housing, general funds, furniture, furnishings, clothing, toys and food. BOTG maintains a food and furniture pantry for Veterans who were recently homeless and now living in government approved housing.


A piece of everything you see with 'Merica on it goes to BOTG



Save the Great South Bay

Save the Great South Bay

 Save The Great South Bay Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit dedicated to the revitalization of The Great South Bay. They are South Shore LI residents, past and present, baymen, fishermen, surfers, sailors, and marine biologists from a dozen organizations now studying the bay.

They advocate a systematic, scientifically driven approach to the bay’s management. Science, not politics.  A healthy bay means a healthy economy for The South Shore and it means preserving a public good for future generations. Work today so that future generations will fish, clam, swim and boat on these waters as we had.

Find them Facebook two places:   On their Group Page, if you care to join a group approaching 2000 in number who are dedicated to addressing the bay’s problems, or on our Facebook Page, where the more general public can learn of the bay’s issues and offer their comments..

Together, we can remake Long Island for the 21st Century and bring back our bay.


A portion of some of our branded Merchandise and nautical themed designs goes directly to Save The GSB


Family & Children's Association

Family and Children's association

Family & Children’s Association is a not-for-profit agency helping nearly 20,000 of our neighbors each year. For more than 130 years, they have worked to protect and strengthen vulnerable children, seniors, families and communities on Long Island.

Through an integrated network of services and counseling, Family & Children’s Association provides help and hope to underserved and disadvantaged individuals struggling to build better lives. They offer Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Services; Educational Opportunities and Life Skills for Youth; Strategies for Building Family Success; Counseling, Services and Support for Adults and Seniors; Shelter and Services for Homeless Youth, Adults and Veterans; and Innovative Approaches to Strengthening Communities.

Family & Children’s Association has been nationally recognized as a model of excellence, fiscally sound, well-managed and possessing an impeccable reputation in providing community-based social services. They embrace more than 200 individual volunteers, corporate groups, community groups and sponsors who join with us to be part of something bigger than them.

We encourage you to join our “community of caring” and make a difference in someone’s life, right here on Long Island.

A portion of the proceeds from our Clover tee is donated directly to





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