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Sands Point Preserve

03/21/20 • Scott Langenbach


Sands Point Preserve

LI HIKE Rating: Easy

Distance: Varies

Cost: $15


Sands Point Preserve is located on the north shore in Sands Point, NY. The publicly owned Nassau County Preserve is 216 acres, and delivers rich history and views of Long Island’s Gold Coast Era. The castles located on the property were established by 1904 and were modeled after the famous Kilkenny Castle of Ireland. Those of you who are familiar with “The Great Gatsby” would be enthused to know that Sands Point was known as the “East Egg” in the famous story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Along with the magnificent architecture comes an array of nature trails. There is also a 1 mile fitness trail with workouts/apparatuses. Along this trail you will find the Cliff Overlooks of the Long Island Sound. In the middle of the loop is a large pond with picnic tables and benches for relaxing with the family. Near the parking lot there is a nice playground for kids and also a dog run. Take a mansion tour of the Guggenheim Estates and grab a breath of fresh air on the Great Lawn and gardens throughout your adventure. Sands Point is a great place for a day outside with the whole family.